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Important Tree Removal Tips  

Trees are valuable resources. However, there are times when they pose threats instead of benefits. If you have an old tree that’s about to fall on your roofing or just one that gets in the way of your construction, consider conducting a tree removal. Here are What you need to do before engaging with one.

Clear the Site

You might want to remove your car, furniture, and plants around the tree to keep them from getting damaged. By keeping the site clear, it’ll be easier for you or your tree removal company to cut the branches and clean debris.

Notify Neighbors

Are you planning to cut the trees near your neighbor’s fence, house, or office? You might want to put up a sign, especially if the tree removal can paralyze their daily routine or damaged their property. Communication is the key to avoid complaints. If you need to match the schedule of the tree removal at their most convenient time, don’t hesitate to do so. Just make sure to know your rights and liabilities.

Get a Permit

There are times when you need to get a permit for the removal of the tree. The policies differ from one state to another so it’s necessary to consult your authority about it. A lot of tree removal companies are aware of these policies. Assure that you can rely on them for the application.

Prepare the tools

If you’re not planning to hire a professional, you might want to prepare the crucial tools. Don’t use explosive items to remove the trees. Aside from its danger, it’s not also effective. Get your chainsaw, rope, and safety equipment.

Consider What to Do After the Removal

What are you going to do with the logs? Are you going to sell it, turn it into firewoods, or transform them into lumbers? Aside from paying for your tree removal service, you may need to pay for the waste hauling and site clearing. If you have limited resources, considering future activities will be very helpful as you divide your budget.

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