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We’re the Tree Contractor You Need for Quality Care

Trees can add value when it comes to the overall ambiance of your home. Most people in La Puente, CA who own a house with a lawn or other structures will have at least a few trees if not many. Your trees not only make the entire property feel more comfortable & whole, but they also provide a higher level of security and privacy. Your trees are great if you’re living in a close-quarters community, giving you a barrier in between other homeowner’s windows & yours. Below are 3 of the reasons for using the tree service offered by Hector Salas Tree Service of La Puente.

Offer specialized care for each tree

Different species of trees have different maintenance requirements. For example, your spring-blooming trees are best pruned after blooming, while conifers are best pruned in late winter because they’re trees that bloom in the summer. Other tree species must be trimmed back slowly, while others need more vigorous trimming. Instead of using the approach based on the idea that one-size-fits-all, our certified tree contractor relies on their expertise and knowledge to provide specialized care for each tree. Your trees will grow more beautifully and stronger as their unique needs are met.

Identify early signs of tree diseases

Different fungal diseases can easily overtake a tree if they’re not treated early. Early signs of disease, including spots on the undersides of leaves or tiny cankers on the branches, can be overlooked by average homeowners; however, our tree service providers are trained to find these early signs of disease. We can also tell the difference between serious diseases and minor ones. We’ll ensure that your tree is properly diagnosed so that the right treatment and approach is done.

Offers appropriate tree care advice

Tree care needs differ based on the amount of rainfall you’ve received, the quality of soil in your area, the kind of tree, and other different factors. Once our tree contractor sees a tree and its growing conditions, we can provide you with advice on how to care for each tree. For example, we can recommend a specific fertilizer for your oak tree and a different one for your maple. We can also recommend mulching around one tree, but not around another. If you’ve had problems with a specific tree, then you can discuss those problems with our contractors and ask for personalized care.

Hector Salas Tree Service of La Puente is the tree care company you need! If you need the assistance of our team in La Puente, CA, you should call us at (626) 333-6887 for more information on our products and services.