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Know When to Call Tree Care Contractors  

Signs You Need Tree Trimming Services

Trees have numerous environmental benefits; they add to the aesthetic value of your home and community, create the right balance in the ecosystem, and give you a scenic view; however, there are certain times when tree trimming and removal becomes a must, or else it’ll turn into safety and environmental hazard. Such trees must be removed, especially before a storm hits them and causes permanent damage. Below are the common signs indicating that you should tree care contractors. Read on!

Decaying roots

Your trees’ roots are one of the biggest indicators that should be trimmed. Your tree’s roots can be both damaged and decaying, and it requires immediate action in both cases. On top of that, if the roots seem severed or the ground around them seems lifted, these are also clear signs that you must call tree care contractors. Your trees’ overall well-being is a strong indicator that the roots aren’t healthy and they’ll affect the overall health of your trees in the long run.

Lack of leaves

Most homeowners are aware of the fact the trees shed their leaves in fall and remain barren until spring; however, you may notice that the regrowth of leaves on your trees is a bit different from the other years. If this happens, then this can be one of the first signs of the tree’s failing health. If you notice that a certain area of your tree has few or no leaves, then this can be a sign of disease. Trees that don’t have overall leaf coverage are likely dying and must be examined by your tree trimming contractor.


One of the clearest signs that indicate your trees must be trimmed or removed is if it has shifted. Trees that tilt to one side have likely had trunk or root damage and are no longer structurally strong to hold itself up. Fortunately, affordable tree removal can fix the problem before it can lead to more expensive damage to your property. It can be difficult to track a tree that has started to lean on one side at first. You must be attentive to the roots of your trees. If the tree leans to one side, then the roots can break out of the ground and become visible.

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