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Why Get Rid of Stumps in Your Backyard  

After a tree has been chopped down, leaving a stump poses a risk of injury and liability, as well as the possibility of undesired tree growth and pest infestation. These are three compelling reasons for having tree stumps removed. Another issue with tree stumps is that they detract from the appearance of your yard. You don’t want such negativity to detract from the aesthetics of your yard. And it’s going to ruin your entire day. Invest as much as possible in stump removal services.

Some of the reasons why removing stumps are so crucial are as follows:

Stumps Are Unsightly

Nobody invites guests to their home only to hear, “Wow, that is one gorgeous tree stump you have there in your front lawn!” Unless, of course, you paid a tree stump artist to create a work of art. Tree stumps don’t offer anything to your home’s curb appeal. Even though they appear to be in better shape following tree removal, they will degrade into a rotten mess in a matter of years.

Stumps Are Hazardous

Children, neighbors, and visitors may be in trouble by stumps left on a lawn or garden. At first glance, they appear to be amusing, yet they are a serious tripping hazard. If you run into a stump while mowing, it could cost you money. This unexpected trip could be expensive to repair. So, better call pros right away for the safety of you and your family.

Stumps Can Attract Insects

If a tree stump is left to degrade for several years, it can attract carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, termites, and other pests. Also, if the stump is close to other living trees, insects may be drawn to it, posing a health danger to them. Additionally, if the stump is close to a structure, it may attract wood-destroying insects, resulting in damage to your home or business. See? Stumps could be a big problem. So, invest in professional stump removal now!

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